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Solar Water Pumping Systems For Australia’s Toughest Environments

Is your bore too far from electrical mains to run a line for a pump? Sick of refuelling your petrol or diesel pump? Windmill need replacing? Then it’s time to buy a DIY solar water pump kit, available online for delivery across the country!

Built by people who understand your business as well as you do

Sunstream is an Australian company that provides cost-effective, environmentally-friendly pumping solutions for farms and rural areas. We understand the specific needs of working in an environment as tough as rural Australia and ensure that every unit we offer is up to the task. Built to last and constructed to the highest quality standards, you can rely on your new pumping unit to provide years of exceptional service, whether for watering stock, storing water, irrigation or proofing against drought. Ideal for agriculture and mining, they’re perfect for any project requiring pumping over a disparate area.

Founded and run by a farmer, Sunstream truly understands what those who work the land need from a solar powered water pump system: convenience, reliability, and affordability. We only stock the very best models, to ensure your system continues working when you need it and has low running costs throughout the course of its life.

A turnkey solution for your pumping needs

All of the solar powered water pump kits for sale from Sunstream come with everything you need to get your new water transfer system powered up and running, including panels, mounting hardware, and a submersible pump unit. Each systems is pre-wired and comes with the length of cable you need for optimal installation (simply make sure you state what this is when you place your order).

What are you waiting for? Choose from the range solar submersible water pump systems available online from us today. Our combination of quality products, expertise, and customer service has already made us the preferred supplier for many individuals and organisations located across Australia. Make the smart decision that so many people in your industry have and choose Sunstream for your next solar unit.

Get in touch with any questions and rely on our experience to steer you towards the right unit for your needs. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the most appropriate system, so call us today on 0458 479 143 or send us a message either through our contact page or via email at info@sunstreampumps.com.au.

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