5” Centrifugal Solar Pump 1000w


5” Centrifugal Solar Pump 1000w

Product Description

Maximum Head 25 metres

Maximum Flow 24000 litres per hour(no it’s not a typo)

Need to move a lot of water at a low head, this is the pump for you.

This is a submersible 5″ centrifugal stainless steel Solar Pump. It designed for low head applications which require large water flow. It is suitable for wells, dams, rivers and creeks as well as hi flow bores. Minimum casing size 200mm recommended.
Pump maximum flow about 24000L per hour. Recommended head from 2m-16m.

Pump Specifications:
Model: 5THC28-22-110/1000
Power Rated: 1000W
Impellers: 5 stage stainless steel impellers
Outlet: 3″
Maximum head: 22m
Maximum flow: 28000L/hr
Weight: 18Kg
Dimension: 125 x 650 mm

Head L/hr

15m 8000
10m 16000
5m 24000

Auto control box specifications
Water level control of tank and bore by sensors
Motor speed adjustable
Low power protection
Solar and/or batteries power input option
MPPT Maximum Power Point Tracking system
Allow input power voltage up to 100V/DC (solar panel open circuit)

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