EZ View Water Level Indicator


EZ View Water Level Indicator

Your car has a fuel gauge so you do not run out of fuel but do you know how much water is in your water tank?

The EZ View can show you exactly what level the water is.

Why choose an EZ View?

EZ direct reading

The EZ View is direct reading with the indicator on the outside of the tank at the level of water in the tank. If the level rises so does the indicator. There is no need to guess if the ball is a certain distance above the tank. Some indicators read in reverse so you need to stand on your head to read an indicator which rises as the water level goes down.

EZ to See

Did you know that around 20% of men and a lesser percentage of women have problems with their colour vision. The EZ View’s high contrast Black and White indicator stands out against most coloured tanks making it EZ to see.

EZ to Install

Installation can be completed in less than an hour. All fixings are supplied along with a template and simple instructions. No need to enter the tank or cut large holes in it. It will fit tanks with curved sides, straight sides, flat roof or sloping roof.

Engineered to last

Built to resist corrosion the EZ View is made from Aluminium with stainless steel shafts and non corroding plastic pullies. This unit is designed to last.

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