Foundation Preparation


Good Foundations are important

Sunstream supplies PoleLock solar photovoltaic (PV) module pole mounted framing system. PoleLock mounted framing systems are backed by a 10 year warranty and compliant with Australian and New Zealand standards.

PoleLock systems are designed to mount either a single panel or two panels. If your system requires more panels then 2 or more PoleLocks will be used with each unit requiring a supporting pole.

It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the supporting pole or poles mounted in an adequate foundation. This work should be completed several days prior to installation of the panels to allow the concrete to set.


Note: PoleLock is certified for use with the following mounting post:

•90 DN DuraGal pole (101.6mm outer diameter, 4mm wall thickness)

•250 MPa

•3200mm pole length


1. Ensure the location is suitable for pole mounted solar installation.

2. Ensure no building / trees are shading the modules.

3. Dig holes in undisturbed, natural ground with a soil friction angle of 22 degrees or greater

1 Panel Frame:

450mm diameter pier, 1200mm deep

2 Panel Frame

450mm diameter pier, 1400mm deep

450mm diameter pier, 1200mm deep

4.Drill a hole in the end of the mounting pole, insert an M12 bolt/rod and fasten

5. Place the galvanised pole into the hole ensuring that the pole sits on a 100mm base of gravel.

Fill with the required amount of 25 MPa concrete. Ensure the pole is vertical.